1cm TITANIUM Scale Cube!           

As far as I'm aware, this could the first offering of a scale cube in Titanium. These are pure Titanium, electro-anodized to a nice blue color, then engraved for contrast.
They were expertly crafted by a Master Machinist at an aerospace engineering firm. He did a small run, on his own time, to satisfy our passion for titanium tools.

1cm scale cubes are frequently used in close-up photography when a calibrated scale is needed to illustrate the size of the subject (mineral, plant, amphibian, etc.) They are well known in the study of moon rocks, meteorites, and more frequently in zoology and botany.

These cubes feature:
= high accuracy 1cm (=10mm) or .3937in.  +/- 0.001
= weight 4.4g
= Grade 2 Titanium

= Made in the USA
= non-magnetic, non-bioreactive, and nickel-free
= Chamfered (beveled) edges
= Blue anodizing
= Compass direction letters engraved (not lasered, actually engraved, old school style with a micro ball mill) around the sides (NESW) and T (top) and B (bottom) The legend "1cm" also appears on the top.

= Will last many human lifetimes. Even the anodizing can be polished off and redone easily if scratched up over the years.

$49 each, postpaid worldwide.

   Limited edition of 25 units.                          

                      Thank you!