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Email list for discussion of the lizards of the Family Helodermatidae (common names: Gila monsters, beaded lizards) including their conservation, ecology, natural history, reproduction, venom, etc. Herpetologists, herpetoculturists, zoo researchers, and students are the expected target on this mail list. This list is open and archived; please do not post exact localities of protected species. One commercial posting per month from captive breeders will be tolerated. AZA approved zoos may offer to trade specimens anytime. Direct reponders to follow-up via off-list email or phone, please.

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Image Gallery contains photographs of Gila monsters and beaded lizards

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Bibliography (mostly H.suspectum)

An Envenomation medical protocol

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Suggested reading: (book links in association with Amazon Books)

New!Gila Monster Propagation: How to Breed Gila Monsters in Captivity by Dr. Mark Seward. Softcover, 52 pp.
                    27 color photographs. Pub. March 2000

 The Gila Monster and Its Allies; The Relationship, Habits, and Behavior of the Lizards of the Family Helodermatidae
                     by Charles Bogert  and Rafael Martin del Campo (1956) reprinted 1993.
                     This is the best monograph ever written on the topic.

The Venomous Reptiles of Latin America
                     by Jonathan M. Campbell, William W. Lamar / Wonderful color plates of lizards, snakes.

The Venom of Heloderma
                      by Leo Loeb and collaborators. Pub 1913 Washington D.C. (out of print) Great reference to this day.

Gila Monster : Facts and Folklore of America's Aztec Lizard
                      by David E. Brown, Neil B. Carmony [one of the best popular books on the subject]

Poisonous Lizards : Gila Monsters and Mexican Beaded Lizards (Animals & the Environment)
                          James Martin, et al / 1995

A strange but  fun cult classic in black/white 74 min. VHS videotape is available: Giant Gila Monster

Suggested Links: DrSeward.com | AMNH Gila page | Biopark |
        The Gila Monster (Heloderma suspectum) Captive Care and Breeding by Petra Spiess

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