PhillyDSM.Com Meeting ! USA !
Next Meeting Sunday Sept 29, 2002

Local Meeting 3:30 pm till ??? dusk
Linden Ave at the Delaware River (see below)
    Bring your spare parts, chair, lunch, Datalogger, tools, camera, or just your car.

Some photos from the Aug 6th 2001 meet:
Subset of the DSM crowd  at 8:00 pm hundreds of beautifully restored DSMs (sorry about the brightness)
Keith, Tee, and their DSM chicks Dan, soon to lose his mod virginity with an upper IC install.... let us know how it goes, Dan!
Mark's engine '92 Talon AWD Paul, owner of a nice NT and all-around great guy
 NE Philadelphia; Linden Ave (East) where it meets the Delaware River
        From Rt-1 Roosevelt Blvd North take Academy Rd to Linden Ave
        From North I-95 take Academy Rd. Exit (follow sub-exit to Linden Ave; make a Right; 1 mile)
        From South I-95, take Academy Rd exit, turn right on Frankford, right on Linden

Click on the Map for more directions, etc .

We will most likely be at the far end of the parking lot (opposite the entrance.) This is an experiment for us. Please respect the other people  using this space, expecially those moving boats out of the water. Please observe posted speed limits (you can use nearby Street Rd or I-95 for tuning if needed.)  The park closes at 10:00pm. and is occasionally enforced. 

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Ok, here is the satellite photo taken the week before the meeting. I wanted to get all the cars positioned to spell out "DSM" but the satellite was over Kenya at the time. Maybe next time. Besides, I think Jerry Springer was interviewing people for his show at the site at the time, and we didn't want to annoy them (much.) We did learn that soap caused cars to explode; "ravers" can party all night without any music; the river boyz live in the parking lot because they blew the rent on tattoos; and the people that drive old 70's Buicks have NOS-equipped hot NSXs at home in their garages. We couldn't have had a more entertaining site. No police turned up, but a freon-leaking ice-cream truck did obtain some of our much-needed mod money.

                         Mark Miller 

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