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Click to Order! Chassis Engineering/Chassis Design, Building & Tuning for High Performance Handling by Herb Adams 

This book is applicable to most chassis setups and provides a good introduction to various modifications that are often done to enhance handling. But even more importantly, Herb teaches us the benefits and drawbacks of different systems and mods. Especially valuable for those of us that do not trailer our cars around yet (but it does go there too!) Selection/review from Bob Myers of Trenton, NJ

Cool car books from previous weeks:
Autocross! Secrets of Solo Racing : Expert Techniques for Autocrossing and Time Trialsby Henry Watts, 173 pages, paperback. Great reference for anyone interested in autocross!  Includes car dynamics, driver techniques, and explains the physics involved. This easy to understand manual can only improve your driving. Even the pros like this book.  Amazon has it for under $12 as of this writing. Not a bad investment. Click on the title for details. 
You CAN do it yourself! The Car Stereo Cookbook: How to Design, Choose, and Install Car Stereo Systems  by Mark Rumreich 1998

Paperback - 350 pages. This practical, hands-on book shows you how to plan your design, choose your components, install them optimally--and save a lot of money! This is one of my favorite automotive audio books.

Maximum Boost: Designing,Testing, & Installing Turbocharger Systems by Corky Bell. Paperback - 256 pages.
Probably the best general review of theory and practice you can get. Highly recommended. Explains the concepts and mods so you can tune or redesign your turbo system.  Everyone can learn something from this one.
Chilton's Mitsubishi : Eclipse 1990-98 Repair Manual (Chilton's Total Car Care Repair Manual) Paperback - 550 pages Updated edition. While purists would probably prefer the factory manuals, this book isn't bad for under $20 (factory manuals for 90 through 99 would cost $150 or more.) It is probably better for the non-mechanic as all routine procedures and maintenance are well described and include illustrations and photos.
new Get indexed scans of the official factory manuals on CDROM to backup your expensive paper versions! This product includes the DSM technical manual, repair manual, rebuild manual, a valuable user database of questions/answers, and more. Features a search function and includes Adobe viewer software [Windows/Macintosh and Unix.] You can print the pages you need for any repair and not worry about getting the book dirty. Take a look at for complete details. Essential!

Also consider the Hayne's Repair Manual for the Eclipse /Laser /Talon for 1st Gen cars. This book is even cheaper but not as complete as the above titles but ok for beginners. 

1001 High Performance Tech Tips  by Wayne Scraba

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