Figure 4 series:

The juvenile seen in Fig. 4 is unusual in that he started to produce some (if only a little) yellowish pigment before he was exposed to sun (Fig. 4A). Because of that initial coloration, his photo in Fig. 4C reveals that the shaded region under his transmitter cap subsequently lost that early pigmentation over a period of 2 years.

Fig. 4A.  239 g male, Sep 2002, at end of 27 mo indoor headstart. 
Fig. 4B.  Same male as 4A, age 50 mo, Aug 2004, ca. 345g. Note color development after 23 mo outdoors.
Fig. 4C.  Same male, 271 g, age 75 mo, Sep 2006, after 48 mo outdoors. Note color deficiency restricted to previously shaded vertebral areas.

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